The Papal Visit to Georgia – Interview with H.E. Tamar Grdzelidze, Ambassador of Georgia to the Holy See

by Nicolas KAZARIAN

Observatoire géopolitique du religieux, IRIS, September 2016

Why is the Pope visiting Georgia? What are the most important aspects of this visit?

Tbilisi will become the 20th capital visited by Pope Francis when he arrives on 30 September as part of his pastoral visit to the Caucasus. As he himself said during the Angelus prayer few weeks ago, he is traveling to the Caucasus region to bring a message of peace. The logo that Georgia has created for the papal visit expresses this well. We live in a fragmented world where human suffering caused by humans is a matter of fact. The Catholic Church sees its involvement in the international community as defending Human Rights, human dignity, and the rights of the oppressed and marginalized. These themes are particularly well advocated under the current pontificate…

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