Religious Debates, Cyprus, 2018


August: Church and Education
In a battle opposing teachers’ unions and the Ministry of Education regarding, among other things, proposals to streamline the use of teachers, the Church of Cyprus entered the debate in a reminder of its historic role. In a letter issued by Archbishop Chrysostomos in August 2018, it was suggested that five Church Holidays be abolished.

Orthodox view on the Lutheran-Catholic Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification


Never has such a sensitive question agitated the religious landscape of Europe, and of the world at large, as this: how is humanity saved? In this debate, which in the 16th century deeply marked the religious and political scene of the European continent by opening the bloody chapter of the wars of religion, Orthodox Christianity has been little exposed for various reasons.

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L’orthodoxie, Une introduction de référence à l’histoire, à la foi, aux rites et à la spiritualité


L’orthodoxie, au sens de l’Église orthodoxe, est l’une des trois principales confessions du christianisme, avec le catholicisme et le protestantisme.

Complet, ce guide en présente l’histoire, les fondements et les pratiques. Pédagogique, il propose un panorama unique, alliant la précision des faits à la richesse des citations. Accessible, il constitue un outil précieux pour comprendre le monde orthodoxe, sa culture et son rayonnement actuel.

Eyrolles Pratique, 2018