For Public Orthodoxy: The Crisis of Orthodox Multilateralism A Challenge for Pan-Orthodox Conciliarity

cropped-header-3.jpgThe contemporary Pan-Orthodox conciliar process appeared in parallel to the creation in 1920 of the first global, political and multilateral institution, the League of Nations, which later became the United Nations after the Second World War. This correlation is even more apparent when we look at the well-known Encyclical of the Ecumenical Patriarchate issued in 1920, which clearly established a link between the international response to the tragedy of the Great War and the multilateral engagement of states in preventing future war and called Churches to come together and act as peace builders.

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Entretien avec Radio Vatican

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Le Pew Center publie une enquête sur l’orthodoxie mondiale.

De cette enquête très fouillée et riche de données, émergent plusieurs traits : tout d’abord, une croissance orthodoxe moindre que celle affichée par les catholiques ou les protestants, même si le nombre de croyants a doublé en l’espace d’un siècle (passant de 124 à 260 millions). Ensuite, la dimension très européenne de l’orthodoxie : 77% des orthodoxes vivent en Europe, dont 40% en Russie, qui reste le plus grand pays orthodoxe du monde.

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Orthodox Christianity and Interfaith Marriage


in Dr. Adriana Bara (Ed.), Interfaith Marriage: from Fourteen Faith Communities’ Perspectives, 2017, pp.16-22

“It was always with the necessary strictness and proper pastoral sensibility, in the compassionate manner of Paul, Apostle of the Gentiles (Rom 7:2-3; 1 Cor 7:12-15, 39), that the Church treated both the positive preconditions (difference of sexes, legal age, etc.) and the negative impediments (kinship by blood and affinity, spiritual kinship, an existing marriage, difference in religion, etc.) for the joining in marriage. Pastoral sensibility is necessary not only because the biblical tradition determines the relationship between the natural bond of marriage and the sacrament of the Church…” (The Sacrament of Marriage and its impediment, par.6)

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Interview with Despina Afentouli

6d99c0c7242e11bcfd9a2c847f72ff9f_MA new chapter “opens” on the historical path of Saint Spyridon Church in Washington Heights with the appointment of the new Rev. Protopresbyter Dr. N. Kazarian, Parish Priest at St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church, who was interviewed by the journalist Despina Afentouli for New Greek TV. He speaks openly not only on his own goals for the development of the community, but also about his personal life. At the same time, he invites the parishioners to attend the main fundraising event, which is organized on the occasion of the 86th anniversary of Saint Spyridon Church and the Parochial School Reunion, on November 12th, 2017 in New Jersey. Special guest of the event is His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey.

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