Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

Webinar, “Churches’ Ministry Online”, World Council of Churches (04/20)

Skype Conference, “Geopolitics, Religion and Security”, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tuft University, Boston (MA, 03/17)

Conference, “Comment parler du péché aujourd’hui”, paper entitled: “Regard orthodoxe sur le péché : enjeux œcuméniques”, ISEO, Catholic University in Paris (France, 03/17)

Workshop, “Religion in Europe”, paper entitled: “Grèce : le pluralism religieux au défi de la crise migratoire”, Groupe IRENE/Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (France, 03/17)Panel, “Participants at Holy and Great Council”, OTSA Annual Meeting “Crete 2016: Post-Conciliar Reflections”, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary, Boston (MA, 09/16)

Conference, “Theocom 16”, paper entitled: “Digital Culture: Shaping New Orthodox Reality”, Santa Clara University (CA, 08/16)

Lecture, “East Meets West: Eastern Orthodoxy Without Borders”, OCF Cornell University, Ithaca (NY, 04/16)

Lecture, “Les enjeux du concile pan-orthodoxe et les mutations géopolitiques contemporaines” (The challenges of the Pan-Orthodox Council and the contemporary geopolitical changes), INALO, Paris (France 11/15)

Conference, “Les Eglises Orthodoxes : actualité, diversité, unite”, Association chrétienne œcuménique de Normandie, paper entitled: “The Orthodox Churches and the Ecumenical Dialogue”, Caen (France 11/15)

Panel, “Current Dynamics within Orthodox Christianity – between Tradition, Innovation and Realpolitik”, Congress IAHR 2015, paper entitled: “The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, Jurisdiction and Power: The Stakes of a Pan-Orthodox Council”, Erfurt (Germany, 08/2015)

Conference in Preparation for the Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church , Fordham University/OTSA, paper on: « Should the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church be Ecumenical in order to be Catholic? », New York (U.S.A., 06/2015)

Conference, “Freedom and Liberties”, CEC-CCEE Joint Committee, paper entitled “Freedom and Liberties in the Orthodox Church”, Roma, (Italy, 05/2015)

Conference, “Tensions internationales : approche géopolitique des religions” (International issues: geopolitics of religions), IHEMR/French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris (France, 10/2014)

Seminar, “Confessions, Conflicts and Convergences, the making of Europe”, CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF PARIS /chaire Kairos, paper entitled: “Cyprus: Ethnicity and Religion”, Paris (France, 04-05/2014)

Dies academicus, Saint-Serge Orthodox Theological Institute, keynote speaker : « Cinquante ans après la rencontre de Jérusalem. La primauté dans le dialogue catholique-orthodoxe » (Fifty years after the meeting in Jerusalem. Primacy in the dialogue between Catholics and Orthodox), Paris (France, 02/2014)

Conference on « Le christianisme, l’islam et l’Europe. Apports et interaction » (Christianity between Islam and Europe. Inputs and interaction), CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF PARIS, workshop on “Chances et opportunités offertes par le contexte européen” (Chances and opportunities in the European context), Paris (France, 11/2013)

International Conference, “Rethinking Community. Religious Continuities and Mutations in Late Modernity”, INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION, paper entitled: “The Orthodox Churches facing French Secularism (Laïcité)”, Turku (Finland, 06/13)

International Conference, “Tillich’s Theology On and Of the Boundaries”, PROTESTANT THEOLOGY UNIVERSITY, paper entitled: “L’expérience des frontières : considerations géopolitiques” (The experience of Boundaries, geopolitical issues), Paris (France, 05/13)

Workshop, “Religion, Media and Civil Society in Poland – a Minority Perspective”, paper entitled: “Orthodoxy in France, between communication and media?”, Suprasl (Poland, 03/13)

Conference, “Vatican II”, Association oecuménique de Normandie, paper entitled “L’impact de Vatican II sur les églises orthodoxes” (Vatican II and the Orthodox Churches), Rouen (France, 02/13)

Lecture Series on Religion and Geopolitics, Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques, paper entitled: “La diplomatie du Vatican” (The Vatican Diplomacy), Paris (France, 02/13)           

Lecture Series on Religion and Geopolitics, IRIS, paper entitled: “Religions, géopolitique et relations internationales” (Religions, geopolitics and international relations), Paris (France, 01/2013)

International Conference Etat, minorités religieuses et intégration, Université du Maine, paper entitled “L’évolution du paradigme minoritaire des musulmans à Chypre dans la construction de la République de Chypre (1960)” (Changes to the Minority Paradigm of the Cypriot Muslim Community during the Creation of the Republic of Cyprus (1960), Le Mans (France, 11/21)

Lecture, French War College, on: “Influences et résistances, les effets de la diplomatie romaine sur les Chrétiens d’orient” (Influence and Resistance: the Effects of Vatican diplomacy on Middle Eastern Christians), Paris (France, 06/12)

Seminar of the KAIROS Chair, Institute for Advanced Studies in Ecumenism, Catholic University of Paris, paper entitled: “Vers le Saint et Grand Concile orthodoxe” (Toward the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church), Paris (France, 30/12)

International Conference on the heritage of Jean Meyendorff Saint-Serge Orthodox Theological Institute, paper entitled: “Le Père Jean Meyendorff et le Conseil Œcuménique des Eglises” (Father John Meyendorff and the World Council of Churches), Paris (France, 02/12)

Lecture Series on Religion and Geopolitics, Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques, paper entitled: “Le monde orthodoxe” (The Orthodox world), Paris (France 02/12)

Seminar on Religion in Geopolitics, CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF LILLE, course entitled: “Géopolitique de l’Orthodoxie” (Geopolitics of Orthodoxy), Lille (FRANCE 12/11)

Ecumenical Conference, Council of Christian Churches in France, paper entitled: “La sociologie de l’orthodoxie en France” (The Sociology of the Orthodox Church in France), Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon (France, 12/11)

International Conference Réduire le schisme ? Ecclésiologie et politique de l’Union entre Orient et Occident (13e-18e siècles), Collège de France & ENS Lyon, paper entitled: “Censura Orientalis : le Patriarche Jérémie II Tranos (1536-1595) dans la perspective de l’Union de Brest” (Censura Orientalis: Patriarch Jeremiah II Tranos (1536-1595) and the Union of Brest), Paris (France, 06/11)

Lecture Series on Dialogue and Conversion, Institute for Advanced Studies in Ecumenism, Catholic University of Paris, paper entitled: “L’articulation entre dialogue et conversion : regard d’un théologien orthodoxe” (An Orthodox Perspective on the Relationship Between Dialogue and Conversion), Paris (France, 05/11)

Lecture Series on Religion and Geopolitics, IRIS-IESR, paper entitled: “Orthodoxie et Relations Internationales” (Orthodoxy and International Relations), Paris (France, 04,11)

International Conference on The Orthodox in the Republic of Poland, University of Bialystok and Suprasl Academia, paper entitled: “When the East invited itself to the Kingdom of Poland’s feast: the first publication of the correspondence between Patriarch Jeremias II and the Lutherans of Tübingen University (16th century)”, Bialystok (Poland, 09/10)

Conference in honor of the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth, Center of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, paper entitled: “Calvinist criticisms of the position of the Ecumenical Patriarch Jeremiah II on the Holy Eucharist in his answers to the German Theologians”, Chambésy (Switzerland, 02/10)

International Conference on George Florovsky, Saint-Serge Orthodox Theological Institute, paper entitled: “Oswald Spengler, George Florovsky and Pseudomorphosis”, Paris (France, 11/09)

4th Symposium on Contemporary Greece, Hellenic Observatory, London School of Economics, paper entitled: “Cyprus, European Crossroads of Minorities”, London (England, 06/09)

International Conference on The Regulation of Pluralism in the Religions of the Book: Socio-historical and Theological Approaches, University of Strasbourg, paper entitled: “Cyprus: Christianity faced with the challenge of pluralism”, Strasbourg (France, 06/08)